Jun 23

“Our Child’s Daily Life Has Been Enriched”, Letter to CSF-Oregon, Alejandrina and Javier, CSF-Oregon parents from Deschutes County

“The CSF-Oregon scholarship has opened academic doors for our family that would have otherwise not been available at a public setting. We have always made education a priority for our child, and we have strived to give her the best education available in a setting where other students have positive influence on her and where administrators as well as teachers are vested in the child. Without the CSF scholarship we would not be able to give our daughter this level of education.

The CSF scholarship has opened up opportunities for our daughter that she would not have had. She is receiving a high-level education in a small classroom setting, where she is not only growing academically but where she is also learning to be a wholesome person—learning to build and nurture healthy relationships and as well as building self-confidence with extracurricular activities.

Our daughter is currently in the 6th grade. She is on the yearbook staff and track team, and also volunteers in our community, as part of her education. She is a goal-oriented child who pushes herself academically to the highest level. She is consistently trying to improve even the highest grades and sets high standards for herself athletically.

We are very grateful to all the donors that make the CSF-Oregon scholarship possible for our child, as well as the other children whose lives are enriched by it also. Our child’s daily life has been enriched because of the selflessness of every donor, and for this we thank you.

Alejandrina and Javier, CSF-Oregon parents from Deschutes County

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