Jul 05

“I Want Our Children to Find Joy in What They Do”, Letter to CSF-Oregon, CSF-Oregon parents from Deschutes County

“This scholarship has made a significant impact on our family and the education of our children. It has made it possible for all of our children to attend the same school & receive the benefits of a STREAM school. It makes it easier to be involved, being on one campus. The scholarship has been a dream maker.

They enjoy the benefits of a small class and individual teacher time. They have both made huge strides in all academic areas, and I am sure that is due to the small class size and teachers who can take the time to address their individual needs.

My oldest daughter wants to be a scientist and save the world! She was able to study environmental science with field trips to the local landfill, Crater Lake, and the Lewis & Clark Trail. Currently, she is raising baby salmon that will be released to the wild when the season arrives. She is always excited to go to school and can’t stop talking about what they are doing in class. My Kindergartener is discovering what she wants to be, learning to read, and loves school. The small school made it easy for her to make friends as well.

I hope that my children are able to fully develop their talents and use them to change the world in a positive way. I want them to grow up being proud of who they are, to be individuals of integrity, and to find joy in what they do.

CSF-Oregon parents from Deschutes County

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